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May 23, 2017 2:48:59 PM EDT

Welcome to PDIC International!

The professional Diving Instructors Corporation (PDIC) is an international SCUBA training and Certification agency. With an estimated 5 million active recreational divers, this adventure sport is being enjoyed by divers from all walks of life. As more of us participate in new activities, it's refreshing to know that SCUBA is open to almost anyone who enjoys the water. Take a moment and explore our virtual world of SCUBA.

PDIC's goal to train safe, confident divers who will have fun exploring one of our planet's most beautiful realms. With all levels of certification available from open water through instructor, PDIC prides itself on being recognized worldwide as "The Quality Training Agency". We maintain only the highest standards or instruction, integrity, and conduct.

As well as having facilities all over the US, we have many othersall over the world. Here is just a sample: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Germany, Honduras, Canada and more >>
Below is a list of some of PDIC's current courses:

Underwater Criminal Investigations, Wreck Diver, U/W Hunting, Equipment Specialist, U/W Photo, U/W Video, Ice, Marine Port Security Diver and more >>
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